The Lonely Man

I’ve published another short horror story so if you enjoyed The Quiet House then why not have a look at this one. It’s available both on Smashwords and Amazon (so it’s easier to get to) and costs about a dollar or regional equivalent (Links below). There are samples available on both sites so why not check it out?

I think it’s creepier and scarier than the last one, I’m quite proud of how it turned out. I’ve got ideas for many more so if you enjoy it there’ll be plenty to come as well. Thank you.

The Lonely Man

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I’m Published Again!

Hello to my blog readers. Things have been up and down since moving halfway across the country which is why I’m still not in the habit of posting here. But I can tell you that I have been working on a new project which I hope you’ll be interested in.

For a long time I’ve enjoyed the works of M.R. James. For those of you who don’t know M.R. James then you should know he was one of the most prolific Victorian writers of ghost stories. In fact the popular image of a ghost as a sheet actually comes from his works. I really enjoy Victorian ghost stories and since playing The Last Door I have taken it upon myself to start writing my own.

They’ll be published fairly regularly and I will be posting on here when they are published. At the moment there is one available on Smashwords for free! Yes at no cost at all you can have a read of some of my work right on this fancy hyperlink here or at the one below.

You can download it in a number of formats best to suit you or just have a read on the site. 

My first story is The Quiet House and is set in modern day London. Joe, a recent graduate, has moved into a new house that is unnaturally silent. Soon strange things start to happen and he begins to suspect that he is not the only one in the flat. 

If you’re into horror then have a read, there’ll be plenty more in the coming weeks.


The Quiet House


I’ve Written a Book!

So, remember that project I mentioned? The one that stopped me posting for a while? This was it.

After years of idea generating, writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing it is completed and on sale on the Amazon Kindle store. Becoming a writer has been a dream of mine for many years and I’m very happy to have achieved it.

But what is the story about? It is a science fiction novel set in a not-too-distant dystopian future where the world is mostly ruled by the former supermarket, now para-nation, known as Veran. In this society the laws are enforced by a militarised, anonymous, secret police force known as the Knights. Jane Marshal, a Knight in good standing, one day discovers that Veran has lied to her children about the world. Her suspicions are confirmed after a raid by the Trust, a rebel force working against Veran, where Jane learns some of the truths about Veran.

And soon enough many people become interested in Jane and her investigation.

A preview of the first chapter (and a little of the second) is available on the Amazon store (link below) so if you are interested have a look. If you have friends with interests in science fiction or dystopian fiction then suggest they have a look into it and support a new author.

Copies are available on Amazon for $7.22 £4.75 €5,55

Links to Amazon:

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German store

Veran: The Only Choice

Veran: The Only Choice